Medicine versus Surgery

Ah, the age-old question. Some laugh time and time again about the best place to hide a dollar bill from a medicine resident (answer: under a dressing). While others find hilarity in the best place to hide a dollar bill from a surgical resident (answer: in a book). You decide which is funnier, and then check out this clip from Scrubs and follow the guidelines below.

Look at the personalities
Residency is a marathon, not a sprint. Take a look around you when you’re on different services. What are the people like? Could you see yourself hanging out with them all day long? (because you will!)

Do you LOVE to operate?
I mean, do you REALLY LOVE IT??? (This one is simple. Yes / no.)

Pop-Quiz: “think” or “do”?
This totally sums up the job descriptions. There are exceptions to the rule, of course (e.g. intensive care), but in general Meddies think and Cutters do.

If you still can’t decide, don’t fret. There are always TONS of cross-over residents each year, and nothings ever final (except your rank list).

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