Residency Programs Will Blatantly Lie to Your Face?

Don’t believe me? Ask ANY resident. I got proof from three during my research to write this article:

Me: Anyone in here get totally dissed by a program?

Ortho dude 1: Yeah, my buddy got F@*! by the anesthesia program at ______.

Ortho dude 2: Honestly, you can’t listen to a thing a program will say to you when it comes to the match.

Me: Happened to a friend of mine to, with Gen Surg. They were like: ‘Oh, we’ll totally rank you first if you rank us first. What do ya say, buddy?’ And then he got chooched* and didn’t match there.

(*chooched: slang for disrespected)

Ortho dude 1: (to med student ortho wanna be) They’re workin’ the system, don’t let them work you.

Me: Mind if I quote you on that, Ortho dude 1? It’d make a pretty good topic for my site…

Ortho dude 1: Sure, dork.

And there you have it. Programs will blatantly lie to your face.

If they tell you that they’ll rank you first if you rank them first, look elsewhere for a residency program.

Besides, it’s against the NRMP match guidelines, and if you break those, I think you go to jail or something. It’s worse than ripping those tags off of mattresses.

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